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Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the Thirteenth evening

We were done before 5 PM today thanks to my helpers. They have been great. I did loose one this afternoon as she was really dehydrated but she came back near the end to help us finish up. I do not know the count today buy yesterday it was 342 patients. No wonder I was the first one in bed last night. Even with that I did not sleep well. That was the first night I have not slept well here. I may have been just too tired. Most of the team is at Son-Son’s. I chose to stay here andr\ sit down. So far I have had only two interruptions. One was to help prepare a shot for our miracle baby, Kristala who gets a shot daily for a few more days from her adventure of being born and being dumped. The second was to help Andrita, one of our housekeepers, with her acid stomach. I was asked by someone to reveal more about the squeeze, the lips, and the rash but no money was offered so I’ll hold out for further bids. I did discuss the flying bird with the husband of the person who started the joke and I can now reveal that it was a goose. The rest is up to your imagination. When Sharon had to lie down with her dehydration headache, I was given Becky Reeser to help and she did great. Janet Mai also pitched in, as did John Wagner so we had a great day, with a few laughs and a few squirts of the water gun. Some of the bracelets and gliders from the February mission are still here and I love giving them out when I have time. Boyer made a run to Jacmel today and brought back some wine for me for the weekend. Yeah. I will not be going to the waterfall on Sunday. I’ve been there twice and I’ll take that day off. Today was also a cry day for me when I took the time to play with the children as I constructed and flew the gliders and put the bracelets on the little girls arms. The look of surprise and joy in their eyes sent me crying back to the safety of the pharmacy. We had instances of Haitians writing on their dossiers this clinic and, today, I caught a patient going to two providers. Who, you might ask, was the second provider, and why did the provider not notice that the patient had already been seen? Three guesses, and the first to do not count if you consider the country of origin of this particular provider.
A note here, again, to say a special thank the people at Preckshot Professional Pharmacy for the Ivermectin solution. It is so beneficial. We are in trouble with ace inhibitors and adult vitamins. We will need to revisit that area and also to increase the kids vitamins supply for September. The Kids vitamins with Iron are GREAT. The baby vitamins are wonderful also. Dr Beth wanted something for kids who pee the bed today and will likely bring that issue up at medical advisory. We continue to have men’s complaints about painful urination and need to check on that issue. Many of the people who did not go to Son-Son’s are headed out to the south end of the property known as the rocks. There, after they navigate the sharp and uneven terrain, they will be sprayed by the crashing waves as the wind is from the south and mild. They will all come back wet and smiling. There remains two half days and 3 full days of clinic. Colson Mores brother came in right away to pick up the radio and pictures and came by today o tell me that Colson’s family would be coming in on Wednesday. I HOPE to see our new sponsored child sometime this weekend but I do not know just when that will be. I also tried to call home today on the VOIP line but I ony got the answering machine. It is quiet so I’ll go and enjoy a peaceful shower and maybe a short nap.


Anonymous said...


wow. this is the first chance i have had this week to sit down at a computer and read your blog. Our move went well, although there were many hiccups as you would expect with any move. we won't have phone service until wednesday - AT&T has too many separate divisions to ever get anything done quickly. i am going to mom's today so i will try to send that file ASAP. Sorry we missed your phone call last night - my phone battery died dealing with the AT&T thing all day long. Life here is pretty good and it sounds like you are having your usual adventure there. we all miss you very much and you are in our prayers.


Anonymous said...

Bonjou Ed and crew,
Great job (as always) in reporting on the team's work -- and adventures. I'm following along closely, and it's making me miss you, the group and Haiti even more....
How was the vodou outing?
Warm wishes,
California Girl

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the information about the trip we feel so blessed to have Marna be a part of all the work you all are doing. We would love to have more info about that squeeze story as it might make for some fun at that next family gathering. We will even pay for that info. God bless you all. Gayala ( Marna's mother-in-law)