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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Early Tuesday

There are lots of things I want to publish but I have to get the medications ready for our surgeon, Garron, by 6:15 AM and it is already 5:45 AM. I will publish as much as I can with this post with a promise of more later. My laptop picked up a virus last night, as did Josh Bradshaw’s. I was glad for the anti (corrected from ant) virus software as it cleared it up with a reboot. The laptop was really running slow, even at shut down so I know something was up.
The crowds Monday morning were tremendous. It was said that the word on the street is that you will get into the clinic with baby in tow. We wondered how so many babies showed up at the gate. With that said, it was a “cute baby” day with sets of twins, children grabbing at me as I passed by, my favorite-the screaming child, accidents on the floor of the pharmacy waiting area, and lots of tears from me when I was least expecting them.
I cannot resist mentioning Marna’s moon. I did find out that she teases well and smiles a lot. Her family should be proud of her. That makes me compliment the young people on this team. They are some of the best that I have ever worked with. This whole team has gelled and there is laughter aplenty, helpers when ever needed, the laundry and dishes are no problems, and live is as good as it can be here with these wonderful team mates. With that said, I must report that Beth and I are fighting and I plan to in the battle, but I fear her battle tactics. It involves her orders and I really think she just wants me to keep on my toes but it gives me the break to go out and ask “What is this for? Why did you order this? I cannot read this!” And then we go round and round. She claims I am killing her! For her fan club, ask her about the ocp.
On Sunday night, really it was early Monday morning; I got up to shut (corrected from shit) off the lights in the kitchen and walked (corrected from waked) in on the girl’s slumber party gab session. They were whispering so I was not (corrected from nit) disturbed by the sounds but rather the light. This morning, when I again got up to douse the light, I had no surprises. Just more to teases them about today.
Garron arrived sometime in the afternoon and saw patients up until he had his surgery schedule filled. Dr Nelson worked with him and I believe there are about 30 people he plans to operate on. Today will be the 13 year old boy. This reminds me it is time to go down and prepare his meds so I’ll write more later today.
Yes, we have a birthday to celebrate today. Sharon is now an older woman!

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