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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday morning, March 25

Good morning from Cyvadier. The sunrise will not be as beautiful this morning due to the rain clouds in the sky. The clouds are also slowing down the internet connection. Oh well!
I had another great night of sleeping. I went to bed at 9 PM tired, in very little pain, and happy to be a part of this team. We were able to see 130 patients on our first day. That made life for me much easier here than the February crush of 200 plus. I am very impressed with my team mates. I was apprehensive about working with a group of people whom I had never met before. Silly me, they are very dedicated, hard working, friendly, caring, and they tease well. It is nice to be a part of a smaller team as the wait for a bathroom is lessened. The crowd in the dining room is less so no one has to eat on the stairs. There are less opinions at the team meetings and the ht water for showers stretches later in the morning.
I also want to compliment them for giving me so much help in the pharmacy and so much concern about my back pain. I feel very comfortable and protected. Diana, the veterinary technician, got stuck with the job of being my assistant. She was excellent to work with. I mean no disrespect to Carol S, Mary H, Sharon D, and others who have worked with me on previous teams, but having a helper who knows the medications ( we us the same rug on dogs) and knows how to calculate doses save me lots of time. She is very accurate, is willing to learn new things, gives back as much or more teasing as I can give her, and over all fun to have around. Note to Mary H, another problem with mooning occurred with Diana and darned if I did not get forced to discover that you did know how to moon after all. Katy jumps in to help when she can and Liz, Renee, and Linda showed up after they finished and we closed up at 5: 30 PM. That is good for the first day. The rains came about 3 PM, hard and cool so we moved the providers and our patients into as much cover as we could find. It stopped just as we closed the pharmacy. This morning looks like a rainy day also. David is in to exercising as is Jeremy so I have people to keep me motivated for my back exercises. I did have to stop yesterday about 3 PM and do some stretching in the prayer position and that was a smart idea. Diana got stuck with the task of sitting on my back at the end of the day. She enjoyed inflicting the pain, darn.
Our temperatures have been tolerable as my sweat level was less than February. The rain did cool things off for awhile but the humidity is as high as usual. We had lost of little babies yesterday to enjoy and our usual quantity of screamers. My water gun got turned on me several times and my team mates may try to steal it away soon. I do need to report that this team is using quite a bit of Ivermectin and Sue B may have been correct after all. Dang, I hate it when she is right. We are also having problems with the green return to clinic and I wish we would have gone over that better before we started. Oh well! A note to Donna, your favorite tree with the purple spiked flower has only one flower remaining. A note to Chip, the shower is dripping and I can't get it to shut off and the corn is ankle high and is looking good. A note to Carolyn W, Jacky is doing okay but seem to expect that I bring home something on each mission. A note to Colson, your brother is not working on this clinic so I still have his gift. A note to all of you, thanks for your prayers, support and love. It means so much to me. The sun is up and breakfast is ready so I'll close and say a short prayer for all of you. Bonde bene ou= God bless you.

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