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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday March 29

Good morning. He sun is rising and that seem to chase the clouds away so the internet signal gets through. We did nt get the rain yesterday that I expected but the past two days have been cooler and less humid or I am getting used to the weather. Either way, I have not been drenched in sweat during the day nor even overnight. Yes, I am hydrating well because I make frequent bathroom visits.
I helped nurse Renee set up and write to her blog. We downloaded her pictures on this laptop so there are a few for you on this post.
An important part of The Friends Of The Children of Haiti (FOTCOH) is the sponsor child program. For $ 25.00 USD someone can sponsor a child with FOTCOH and that child is given money for food, clothing and school. It costs money to go to school in Haiti and unoforms are required. My child came for a visit the other day and I was very busy. Boyer, our main man here in Haiti, brought him into the work area of the pharmacy. The boydid not recognize me even though I had spent some time with him and his father when I was here in February. I ran upstairs to get the markers and color book that I had brought for him. I forgot the papers from my grandchildren and their pictures that I had for him in the rush of things. I did share my jelly beans (one of my favorite candies) with him. Boyer encouraged him to put it in his mouth and he looked confused until the sweet taste took over and then we got a smile. The girls that I work with made a fuss over him but we failed to take his picture even though the camera was nearby. Darn, he always comes when I am the busiest.
By now, I hope you read about our early Christmas present of rescue inhalers and other breathing medications. We saw 265 patients yesterday and 243 the day before so this it the little team that works. Our leader, John, joked a the team meeting that many of us were complete strangers until last Monday and now you would never know it. I have not noticed the fishermen out on the open water on this mission and Papa Dick tells me the water is too rough. To go along with this, the Ambians restaurant where we are to eat tonight has only 3 lobster meals so we are having the newbies enjoy that treat. I hope to have conch. I ordered it in February but never got it and settled for grilled shrimp.
I’ll load this and some pictures now. Today will be a half day with shopping in Jacmel this afternoon.

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Hello Ed, I have Campbell here with me this morning so he has helped me get into your blog. He and I are going to Cori,s softball game in Morton at 8:30 with Becky. Tom is getting his hair cut and then leaving but BEC IS NOT READY TO LEAVE WITH HIM SO SHE WILL GO WITH US. SO I WILL TO GYM LATER TODAY OR WAIT AND GO ON SUNDAY. IT IS REAL COOL TODAY SO WE WILL HAVE TO DRESS WARM. I ATE WITH CHRIS LAST NIGHT AND WATCHED A MOVIE WITH THEM AND THEN BROUGHT CAMPBELL HOME WITH ME LAST NIGHT. ALL IS WELL HERE AT 316 SO I WILL SIGN OFF AND GET DRESSED FOR THE GAME. LOVE YOU, DONNA