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Friday, March 28, 2008

Christmas in late March

Yes, folk, there is a Santa Claus. Or rather, my thanks to our good and gracious Father God. He does make all thing possible. We obtained today-the same that we ordered them 100-yes dear readers-100 rescue albuterol inhalers. Dr Nelson ordered them from a new supplier he has in Port-Au-Prince and they shipped them out today and they arrived around 4 PM. We paid $ 3,75 USA dollars for them. With shipping costs, we could not have paid that low a price with our USA close out supplier. International Aid. I am thrilled beyond words as now we can better treat 100 more children. Not only that but the case of medications that I culled from Methodist Medical Center pharmacy arrived today. I shipped it on February 22, 2008. It has several corticosteroid (drugs to keep the asthma in check) so we will treat our asthmatics even better now. God is good all the time-all the time God is so good!
It is supper time but I wanted to rejoice with this news as soon as I could as I am bursting with joy. I also learned that my son's operation went well but that he is in a lot of pain. This is his weekend with his 4 children and I know they will care and comfort him. Again I say "Praise the Lord at all time! Praise the Lord!

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