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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday March 16

First off, Happy St Patrick's day. We plan to celebrate at Son-Son's with green Okra and lots of rum and Prestige. I doubt that it will be green. It is now 10:00 PM and I have just a few moments to blog. We say some where over 300 patients again today and did not finish till after 6 PM. Martha and I are still doing great and this will be a great mission. We have has lots of help from Linda Bryan and Matthew Re. Kate McGinn, Barb Smith, and Greta Thibideau also helped us. Bill Cicala and Kristy Rashid asked if they could help and they bit off a bit more that they would have liked. Please look at the FOTCOH blog for some updates from Carol Miller and some pictures from Holly's camera. Reg, Bill and Gregg are headed for bed, as I should also be doing. Just out of the shower and thought I would say hello. This is another great team and I am enjoying the experience as always. We will NOT be going to the beach ion Sunday due to possible problems as we pass by several polling places. We will most likely just go to the beach beneath the Cyvadier Plage Hotel. The hotel will also host our Saturday evening dinner.
Keep those prayers coming.

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