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Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday morning March 18 2011

I am not really good at taking the time to write my blog on this trip. We are seeing over 300 patients per day and working till near 6 PM so my time to write is limited. This is another great team with lots of dedicated workers who really care for the Haitians. We have had a few starving babies. One yesterday was 10 days old and even though Mom;s milk had come in, the baby was being fed some crushed spaghetti and sweet tea. This was her 4th child and you would have expected her to learn to fee babies by now. We also had a 47 year old lady with several children find out that she was pregnant. We did 3 separate tests as she refused to believe it. We are going through lots of formula and Dr. Nelson has been busy obtaining it for us. We will be sticking close to the clinic on the weekend due to the election and also because Aristides return to Haiti may cause some unrest. I hate it that the new people will not get to see Jacmel, the beach at Ti Moulage, the market at Cayes Jacmel, or some of the other scenery.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Time to get some breakfast. Thanks for the prayers and good wishes

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