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Monday, January 23, 2006

Packing party success

Yesterday, most of the team was able to show up for the packing party. A big thank you to Interim Healthcare and Randy Lawson for allowing us to use his conference room. With the new American Airlines policy of 50 lbs per bag, we were forced to leave behind some of our cargo, especially clothes, soaps, lotions, and toys for the Haitians. I'm not sure that the weighing crew was as careful as they could be as all 4 of our bags were almost 10 lbs light. We adjusted them at home. We will have to carry the blood glucose strips in our personal luggage as we failed to take them to the packing party. It was nice to meet the new team members and visit with the old timers. There remains some concern about the political situation in Haiti and also for personal safety confessor. That will be an issue that will be on our minds for the next 24 days. We are looking forward to next Monday night when we will finally get on the road.

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EHa said...

Hello Edward,
let me just tell you I ADMIRE your commitment for the good cause. It makes me feel ashamed of how little I am doing compared to you risking your life (don't tell me it is not so bad in Haiti, because it is) to help people. God be with you and all your company!