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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Almost ready

It figures that when you think you have it all together and ready to go that something should happen. Today, it is the 3 ½ year old water heater. It is leaking all over the floor in the basement and there is no hot water. Maybe it is preparing us for the showers in Haiti with cold water. Plumber will be out tomorrow to try to replace. I guess we should be grateful that is the only problem, so far. Emails are flying back and forth with last minute details, suggestions and announcements. We did get confirmation that our large drug order from Europe that was stuck in customs at Port-A-Prince was released and the medications are at the clinic. We’ll lift a cold rum punch drink to that.

Also the 4 French nationals, including a priest and a nun, have been rescued from their kidnapers in Port-A-Prince. The latest bit of news is that the jailed priest, Jean Juste, was also released from prison and taken to Miami for medical treatment of his leukemia. These events may make the situation in Port-A-Prince a little less volatile. We will be in Port-A-Prince for a very short trip from one end of the airport to the other in order to transfer from American Airlines to Tortug Air for the trip over the mountains. Tortug Air is much safer than driving on the road and much faster. Most things are packed and checked. I will run a few errands tomorrow and just wait for 11 PM. We’ll have a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Fish House, about 8:30 PM and relax till time to get on the bus. The weather here calls for some snow. We usually leave in a blizzard. With the strange weather that we are having this year, who can predict what will happen. This is likely the last entry till late Tuesday night or sometime Wednesday. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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