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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gustav, the Hurricane

The following is an update from the President of the Friends of the Children of Haiti. I am posting this to my blog. The damage to the clinic is believed to be about $ 10,000.00 USD. There is a medical team poised to arrive at the clinic in a little over 1 week. Please keep Dick & Barb in your prayers. The board will have to scramble to raise the needed dollars and then some.



Hurricane Gustav made landfall this afternoon just west of Jacmel bringing
90 mph winds and very heavy rainfall to southern Haiti.

I just spoke with Boyer who reports that the clinic has sustained some
damage with water throughout the building and damage to the water tanks and
antennas on the roof. The full extent of the damage is not yet known as the
storm has yet to dissipate to allow for a full assessment.

Dick & Barb Hammond were scheduled to arrive in Haiti today, but their
flight was cancelled, so they're still in Miami waiting-out the storm.


I have been in touch with Boyer again today who reports that it's still
raining in Cyvadier and that he has not been able to fully assess the damage
at the clinic yet. But here's what he does know at this point: We've lost at
least one water tank (on the roof) and antennae. The condition of the
generator is still not fully known as it's covered by a fallen tree with
wiring exposed in standing water. All plywood that had been used to cover
windows was blown-off by wind during the storm along with one door. He says
that there is water damage throughout the building but he doesn't really
know the extent of that damage to fixtures and contents.

Everyone in the immediate neighborhood appears to be OK although nearly all
homes were flooded.

Dick and Barb Hammond are still in Miami awaiting the next available flight
to Haiti.

Dick & Barb Hammond were successful in getting a flight from Miami to Haiti
today and are staying at a hotel in Port-au-Prince tonight.

The condition of the road through the mountains is still questionable so
they hope to catch a MAF flight PAP to Jacmel tomorrow.


Dick & Barb were able to get a MAF flight from PAP to Jacmel and have
arrived at the clinic where they are assessing the damage.

Dick described the road leading to the clinic as "devastated" by flood
waters, also, the grounds surrounding the clinic.

Dick & Boyer have been able to get the generator started but don't know how
long that (fix) will hold. They're also making every effort to get the water
system repaired and Internet communications restored.

Barb has begun the massive clean-up + dry-out effort within the clinic.
Doors, windows, appliances and other building contents that have been
damaged will be addressed on an on-going basis as funds allow.

Dick has confirmed that the current medication inventory at the clinic is in
good shape, (thanks to Boyer's great effort to move it above flood waters)
and that they hope to move the European medication order from PAP to the
clinic early next week.

Dick expressed his resolve that they are "going to be ready" for the Sept.
team's arrival.

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