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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Last Day

Here is Betty!. There were some complaints because I had forgotten to include her in the previous postings and I have apologized to her.
The next picture is the child that we sponsor here in Haiti. His name is Jean Dessin and he is 12 years old and now in the first grade. His ear shows an injury from a fall according to his mother. It looked more like a bite so I had Sara Baysinger look at at, treat it and dress it. I sent him home with vitamins till February and for his mother also. The soccer ball that Donna and I left in February is still holding up. Yes, I cried after he left and even now as I write this.

The next picture is with hs mother, myself, and Jean Dessin.

The last picture is our team photo, without Jan & Bruce. I have heard from both of them and they are recovering well and that make us happy.

Most of the team is at the beach. I have finished inventory and will place it on the computer so that we can reorder medications next week for the September team.

Tonight, our last night, is the lobster meal that was so delicious in February. I have been waiting for this one. We also must pack and be at the airport tomorrow at 6 AM. We MAY get back into Peoria around 9:30 or 10:00 PM on Friday so I will not be posting again till I get back home.

Thank you again for reading this blog. Thanks, especially, to those who commented and let me know that it was being red.

I have joked with the team about some one's wet front and hot__ and perhaps I will reveal more secrets when I am out of their range.

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